The Closet 2017

First – some background.  I used to do this post every year, but fell off the wagon last year.  Basically, it’s crazy time consuming to put together and I just didn’t get to it.  For anyone who is new to the blog – this is my entire wardrobe.  I started doing a blog post about it mostly to hold myself accountable and really take a close look at what clothes I have and what I actually wear and need.  I’ve been invited to a couple of clothes swap parties lately so it inspired me to do another post.  I feel like I have a fairly small wardrobe, but I’m sure there are people with smaller wardrobes and definitely people with larger ones.  That’s all okay!  I’m not a minimalist – I just overshare on the internet.

So, here’s what lurks in my closet.

5 pairs of jeans

I need new black jeggings – that pair second from the right are actually really dark blue, not black.  The pair on the far right are snugger than I’d care to admit – although when I look at this picture I think it might be because the waistband is much more narrow than the other pairs so maybe that’s my problem.  Let’s blame it on the jeans.

8 Skirts

Not a big pants person!  I’ve actually being waffling on getting rid of some of these skirts but I’m not quite ready to let them go yet.

4 pairs of shorts (3 summer, 1 winter)

I love me some winter shorts.  I hate summer shorts.  Two of those pairs I impulse bought before we went to Huntsville last month.  They were just on clearance for like $6 each.

4 pairs of yoga pants, 1 pair of jogging pants

Four pairs of yoga pants seems a little excessive to me, but one pair is leggings (gotta get them in those boots in the winter!) one pair are capris and two pairs are actual full-length pants.  Also these pictures are so terrible because Dustin was actually sleeping in the bed while I was doing this so I was trying not to make a huge production of it.

3 Vests

 I really love that long sleeveless blazer deal.  It’s from Banana Republic and I got it for like $20 at the factory store.  I can’t quite get the hang of wearing it though.  I don’t think I have the shoulders for it.

4 Blazers

I love a good blazer.

8 Cardigans

I really need to upgrade some of those cardigans.  Basically, I wear a cardigan every day in the cooler weather so black and grey are my go-to.

4 zip-up hoodies

Basically casual cardigans.

3 Pullover hoodies

Pro-tip – if hoodies make you feel claustrophobic like they do me, try cutting a slit at the neck of the hood to open it up a bit more – it makes a world of difference.

Box o’ Tights

You may have noticed that I have no work pants, so tights are a necessity for me.  I didn’t actually count them, because I was getting pretty lazy at this point, but I do know that I have two pairs of black tights with grey polka dots, one pair of burgundy polka dot tights, and probably five pairs of solid black tights.  They are all super cheap from Joe Fresh, I like to stock up when they’re on clearance.

The island of misfit tops.

These are the tanks that I don’t really consider actual clothes.  You’ve got random shirts that I’ve made for events, shirts that go under other shirts, and tank tops that are just whatever.

4 Belts

2 Long-sleeved shirts

Sleeves are for suckers.

21 Tank Tops

I love a tank top.  They’re so versatile!  You wear them all summer so you’re not stuck with the dreaded farmer’s tan, then in the fall and winter you just throw on a cardigan!  I prefer ones with interesting designs or from small, cool companies, but I have the basics down there too.

These are the basic scoop neck, rounded hem tanks that will go with virtually anything.

4 Button-down shirts

Need more plaid.

19 T-shirts

Clearly I’m not a fan of a plain t-shirt.  Oh, and if things look like crop tops it’s just because I folded it to fit in the picture better.

3 winter-ish jackets

My poor leather jacket needs a repair to a sleeve and the green jacket needs a good cleaning.

3 light jackets

The denim jacket and khaki jacket are crazy versatile – love them both.  The one on the right is a rain jacket with mysterious yellow stains on it, probably from mustard.

2 pairs of sandals

On the left are cheap ones for yard work and when I feel lazy, on the right are my everyday sandals.  I like them to be just fancy enough for work.

2 pairs of running shoes

Old ones for cutting the grass, new ones for “working out”.

1 pair of winter boots

They’re Sorels and I love them.

3 pairs of other boots

If they can go with dresses and jeans, they work for me.

5 pairs of casual running shoes.

Yes, I need 4 pairs of Converse.  And if you have fewer than two pairs of plaid shoes who are you even really?

2 pairs of heels

The black shoes are Seychelles and they were the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought (which still isn’t a lot) but they were worth every penny.

The dresses!  I live in dresses.  They’re socially-acceptable pajamas, basically.

5 maxi dresses

The one on the far right is really faded and I should probably get rid of it.  The one on the left is beautiful but I can’t wear a bra with it and it makes me feel really self-conscious.

17 dresses of other lengths

Nothing super fancy – and there’s actually a couple that aren’t fitting great right now (damn you, zippers!) but I love dresses.

That’s it, that’s all I’ve got!  Beyond pajamas (basically ratty old capri yoga pants and t-shirts) and unmentionables, which are remaining unmentionable.  Not a whole lot there anyway – just enough to get me through until I do laundry again!

ETA – somehow I missed my flats! 

3 Pairs of smelly old flats



3 thoughts on “The Closet 2017

  1. You must have oneBIG closet!!! I thought there would be more shoes!!!
    I think it amazing that you would take the time to do that, but then there was no modelling . Xoxo


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