Turning down the radio

I drive a lot.  Around 100 kilometers a day.  I commute to London for work, and am often driving somewhere on the weekends.  I don’t mind it, I like driving.  My routine used to be that I would listen to the radio in the morning for my news and weather and traffic, then listen to CDs in the afternoon for my drive home.  Lately though it’s been all podcasts all the time.  I love podcasts – I’ve written about them before.  They’re informative and entertaining and comforting.  There are, however, still some times when I listen to the radio.  On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, Dustin is with me for the drive to London.  Since it isn’t always fair for someone to jump in to the middle of a podcast, we listen to the radio.  Usually we chat anyway and barely listen, but at some point something about the morning show sends Dustin on a rant, but this morning it was my rant.

Here’s the set-up – they were talking about bribing kids to get them to do things.  I’m no stranger to the topic, I bribe Vivian constantly.  So the one morning show host starts talking about how her father has offered her $1000 for her to take in the family cat and she was considering it.  CONSIDERING taking $1000 to take care of her own cat.  I couldn’t believe it.  They were asking for people to weigh in on the issue, as radio shows do.  “text us and let us know if she should take the cat!”  I know it’s all in fun and they have time to fill, but I was pretty flabbergasted.  So I decided to send a text and said that it was the most unrelatable and spoiled thing I had ever heard.  If I were in the same situation my parents would probably say I could either take the cat or it would be put down.

The response I received from the radio station was “It’s a joke…lol.  Radio content!”

Is it?  Is that what they do?  Just make dumb things up to make you dislike the radio personalities and then encourage you to weigh in on it and then they tell you that none of it is real anyway?  I texted back “Sure it is” and received a “haha k ” back.

I dunno, maybe I’m taking it too seriously but it really soured me on listening to the radio.  No wonder it’s a dying medium if they’re so desperate for topics that they just wildly make things up.  Back to podcasts for me – at least you know when you’re listening to a fiction podcast.


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