Day to Night

I have long been an ardent supporter of the morning shower.  I’m not a morning person, so what better way to drag yourself into the day than by spending some time in a warm, steamy cocoon in the shower?  You get to start the day feeling all fresh and clean, it’s a real blank slate thing.  Plus, it’s way easier to do your hair.

Lately though, I’ve been stepping out on my morning routine.  I’ve been crossing over to the other side and trying the nighttime shower routine.  I gotta say, it’s kind of nice.  I can sleep in for an extra 15 minutes or so (which is incredibly important), and I get to rinse off the problems of the day and crawl into bed feeling all cozy and warm.  Sure it means wearing my hair in a ponytail the next day since it dries all funny, but it’s a nice alternative.

Can I make such an extreme change though?  Can I actually become a nighttime showerer?  It poses so many questions for my overthinking mind to obsess about.  Clothing, for example.  If I take a nighttime shower, then logic would dictate that I need to put on clean pajamas.  I don’t know about you guys, but my pjs generally get worn a few times before I deem them to be dirty.  But if I shower at night, do I need new pjs each night?  Can I put on clean underwear after my shower and still continue to wear it in the morning, or do I need to change underwear again?  Obviously, the easiest response is to not wear pajamas to bed, but I have a fear that there will be a fire and I’ll have to rush out of the house naked.  Because I’m logical and not at all irrational.

What does it say about me if I’m a nighttime showerer?  Wouldn’t my schedule get all thrown off if I doze off on the couch before taking a shower?  Then I have to shower the next morning AND the following evening to get back on schedule?  This problem is really far more complicated than people realize.

It seemed like such a grown-up thing, making the transition from being a nighttime showerer to daytime.  Little kids take their baths in the evening, but it takes a responsible adult to handle the time management of showering in the morning, right?

Clearly, more research is required.  Although I took a glorious, Top 10 Best Shower last night before bed, had an awesome sleep, and managed to wake up on time this morning so maybe there is something to this whole thing.


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