Zip It

It’s not exactly a secret that kids have a lot of stuff.  And that stuff takes up a lot of room.  And all that room being cluttered up with kid stuff is enough to make you go insane.  Vivian is six now, so a lot of her toys are getting bigger and can go in her room, but there’s still piles of stuff in the living room too.  One of the things that makes me especially crazy are games and puzzles.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love a good puzzle.  But I find the kids games and puzzles often don’t justify the box they are packaged in.

Enter the Ziploc bag.  No, this isn’t sponsored by Ziploc, although I wish it was because a giant box of Ziploc bags being delivered to my door is basically a dream come true.

Ziploc bags are essential for organizing.  In fact, I think from now on all baby gifts I give will come with a box of the large Ziploc bags.  You can put everything in them – just not the baby itself.

Observe.  This basket holds 5 board games and 7 puzzles.

Once you take Candyland out of the box, you realize it’s really only a board and a couple of small pieces.  It really doesn’t necessitate a box for storage.  So I take it all out, and store it all in a Ziploc bag.  Bam.

Same goes for puzzles.  Why keep the box when you can cut off the image, and put it in a nice, flat Ziploc bag with all the pieces?

Now, instead of having a cupboard filled with boxes that are difficult to get out and take up too much space, I have one basket holding all the things.  That bin on the lower level has her Lego in it too – all organized into Ziploc bags.  Each set gets its own bag with the booklet – except for that one rogue booklet sitting on the shelf.  Also, that’s Meiko underneath the cabinet thing.

I’m telling you guys – art supplies, game pieces, Lego, flash cards, it can all be stored neatly in Ziploc bags.  And those super giant ones with the handles?  They’re the real stars – the last time I moved basically half my stuff was in those bad boys, and now Vivian’s out of season clothes get stored in them.

Ziplocs for life, yo.


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