Treats of the Week(s) – Unexpected Gifts

These posts seem to be happening less and less frequently, but quality over quantity, right?  Christmas was lovely and stressful as always.  Vivian had a great Christmas – she was so thankful and appreciative for everything she received, I was so proud of her.  It’s so easy to spoil an only child, but basically every gift she opened was met with, “Oh Blair would love this!” and lots of thank yous.  She’s a keeper, that one.

January kind of sucks, there’s no denying it.  Even with the milder weather we’ve been having, I’ve been in total hibernation mode.  I basically just want to putter around in my pajamas and drink coffee.  I’m trying to go to the gym though – slipping over on my lunch break even just for a little cardio seems to be helping.  I’ve also had a sudden influx of unexpected gifts from people – which is definitely helping cure those winter blahs!

Vivian always gives me little notes – I have them everywhere and yet I never get tired of receiving them!  (Dustin has the same habit – between the two of them I’m pretty spoiled.)


Thanks to a former blog post about these local prints, I was able to score the Storybook Gardens one to further my set!  I think I’m only missing one from the Pioneer Village now.  I just received a tweet one day asking if I would like one, and she was nice enough to deliver it right to my work!


My brother and his girlfriend showed up at my place the other night with a kitten that she had found.  We’re pretty sure that the kitten isn’t feral, she’s way too friendly.  But now apparently I have three cats living in my house.  Meiko is fitting in pretty well so far.  Fender and Gibson are being pretty tolerant for two cats who are nearly 10 years old. 

While out at the Morrissey House for dinner last night, our waitress gave us 15% off our bill just for being so polite.  I didn’t think we were being overly polite, but I’m one of those people who stacks the dirty dishes for the server and just tries to be helpful.  Politeness pays, you guys!


My friend Jerrod also sent us a package with some chips from Pennsylvania (which are super yummy) and a wooden hippo so I can have my own House Hippo!  I also sent him a package of Canadian delicacies – Coffee Crisp, Smarties, and packets to make Chalet Sauce from Swiss Chalet.



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