How I did/What I’ll try to do

I’m not very good at resolutions. I don’t think many people are actually good at them. I prefer to think up tangible goals for the year, just to try to have some motivation especially in those winter months. 

Before getting into my goals for this year (beyond the usual work out, sleep more, spend less, be a responsible adult) I’ll do a little recap of my 2016 goals. 

  1. Replace the roof – boom, done. It sucked to pay for it, but EnCore Roofing in Strathroy was amazing to work with and I love seeing my pretty new roof. 
  2. Hang shit up – I did pretty good with this one. I still have some posters that need homes but I managed to hang up a lot of things that were sitting around. 
  3. See more comedy – I did okay with this I guess? David Cross, Flight of the Conchords, and Eric Andre. There were more shows I wanted to see but didn’t get tickets in time. Here’s to being on the ball in 2017!
  4. Paint the fucking table – Woo! Painted the coffee table at last. 
  5. Get another tattoo – More than one! 
  6. Shop local/shop small – I feel like this can always be improved upon but I did make an effort to support small and local businesses whenever I could. 

For 2017 I’m going to try to keep things simple and focus on using things I have. 

  1. I got a screenprinting kit for Christmas from Dustin and I really want to learn to use it. 
  2. I have a sewing machine that I still can’t thread properly. I should change that. 
  3. I have a massive list of movies that I’ve been meaning to watch – ones that are downloaded and ones in My List on Netflix. I want to focus on getting through some of them, even just if it’s one a week. Maybe I’ll write a post with all the titles so I can do another post with the ones I’ve watched scratched off. 
  4. I’ve been doing really well lately for finding time to read so I want to keep that up. I can’t stop buying books, but hopefully I can keep reading what I already have. 
  5. Purge items regularly. Every couple of months it’s good to go through closets and cupboards. The real trick it getting things to Goodwill though. 
  6. In a similar vein, I have some larger items that need to be donated. I should see if I can call someone to pick those things up.
  7. Most importantly, I want to find one good shade of red lipstick, just so I know I can wear it. 

Happy New Year, friends!


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