Ashlie’s Stocking

So here we are – 10 days to go until Christmas!  I’m very, very close to being done my shopping – basically just gift cards and booze left on my list!  This is very strange for me, since usually I’m shopping until the absolute last minute.

This year, Dustin and I decided to do stockings for each other because I love stockings and they’re the best.  I also thought it would simplify things a little bit, but apparently he still needs some hints so I thought I would share them with all of you!


I struggled with the collage deal for way too long before I realized that WordPress will make one for you.  Lesson learned.

I won’t include links because I basically just pulled images off of Amazon and you can get these things at lots of places.

I wouldn’t mind a new puzzle, because I’m a giant nerd.  I saw this cool Batman one at those Calendar stores that pop up this time of year.

I’m also running low on my favourite Annabelle Stay Sharp coloured eyeliner.  I could use a few different colours – my aqua, navy, and green have all run out!

I saw that vintage sign bottle opener at Uber Cool Stuff, and it’s pretty much perfect for me.  H2 had some rad vintage signs for sale there too, all around $15-20.

I haven’t been a big Funko person but I really want those Robin Hood ones!  And now that they’ve announced the Lost series I basically am becoming a collector.

Dustin is lucky that he can shop for me at his work at Heroes.  I have heard such awesome things about Paper Girls, I really want to start it!

I never have enough funny lady books – I really want the new books by Phoebe Robinson, Lauren Graham, Anna Kendrick, and Jessi Klein.

Yeah, the Disney Store also has this Robin Hood ornament so I’ll be wanting one of those, please.

I tried my hand at one of those Metal Earth models and actually really enjoyed it.  I’d like to continue with the other dinosaurs, and wouldn’t mind some of the Batman and Star Wars ones as well!

I’ve gotten into the habit of sleeping with a candle burning.  It’s so soothing, and the light helps me wake up in the morning.  Of course, I run the risk of waking up to a cat that’s on fire or something, so I should probably get some flameless candles instead.

Nessie ladle!  I’ve wanted one for so long – Dustin go get one at Uber Cool Stuff.  She can peek out of the stocking!

I haven’t worn my Chamilia bracelet in a long time because it needs to be repaired.  I’ve realized that I would probably spend just as much repairing it as I would on a new leather bracelet, so I’ve been eyeing those up instead.

Also on my list that I’ve only thought of now when I’m this far into writing and don’t want to go back for more pictures?  More Sharpies (allllll the Sharpies!), extra sets of iron-on letters for my t-shirt making ways, lots of enamel pins and fun patches, and coffee, coffee, coffee.  Deadly Grounds Coffee is amazing, but Dustin has specifically requested I only ask for things that are easily found at brick and mortar stores.  Apparently my list last year was a little difficult.

I’m not so difficult to please, right?  Just make sure everything is wrapped.



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