I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Sometimes it comes in waves – I’ll listen to nothing but podcasts for months and then all of a sudden switch back to the radio.  Lately though it’s been all podcasts all the time.  I’ve never tried audiobooks – somehow that always felt like cheating.  But I do enjoy having a story told to me, so podcasts are awesome for that.

In case you’re looking for some good podcasts I figured I would list the ones I love!

  • The Baby-sitters’ Club Club – Probably my current favourite.  I’ve been bingeing on old episodes lately.  Two dudes in their 30s read (and re-read) the Baby-sitter’s Club books.  It’s hilarious – they read way too much into them (look out for Bee Theory, Doll theory, the Infinite Sadness of Claudia Kishi) and are generally ridiculous.
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno – Currently on hiatus until the third book is released, so that gives you lots of time to get caught up!  Imagine your 60-something father took up a new hobby of writing erotic fiction and self-publishing the eBooks.  Now imagine that his pen name is Rocky Flintstone.  Now imagine you decide to read these works with your friends on a podcast.  It’s seriously hilarious – you have to listen to believe it.
  • Criminal – There are lots of true crime podcasts out there, but Criminal is my favourite.  Phoebe Judge has the most soothing voice, and Criminal doesn’t focus on blood and gore type of true crime, but rather looks at the human side.  The stories are always really unique (a tiger who lives at a truck stop, the woman who first started baking pot brownies) and the episodes are generally around 20 minutes, which is always nice.
  • The Memory Palace – Somehow even more soothing than Phoebe Judge.  The Memory Palace weaves small stories that are engaging and relaxing.
  • Sword and Scale – Here’s your real blood and gore type of true crime.  This podcast is great – really well researched.  But it does tend to veer to the darker crime stuff – and doesn’t shy away from details.
  • Serial Ah, Serial.  I feel like this is the podcast everyone knows.  Yes, the first season was engaging and enthralling, but the second season didn’t quite measure up.  Hopefully the third season is better!
  • Guys we Fucked – Don’t be intimidated by the title.  GWF is an anti-slut shaming podcast.  It began as a way for one of the hosts to work through a bad breakup.  The two hosts are professional comedians and at the beginning of the show it was the two of them interviewing guys they had, well, fucked.  Now it’s shifted slightly and it’s more interviewing other people and talking about sexuality and relationships.  It’s so great – I love them!
  • 2 Dope Queens – You might know Jessica Williams from The Daily Show, and Phoebe Robertson from her new book “You Can’t Touch my Hair”.  Their podcast is basically just the two of them recording an intro, followed by them hosting a comedy night.  It’s a great way to hear some up and coming standup comics.
  • Canadaland – I haven’t been listening to this one as much lately, but if you are interested in the media news in Canada, this is the podcast for you!
  • The Moth – The Moth is a storytelling podcast.  People present their stories at events and storyslams around the country.  The results can be funny, sad, charming, inspiring, you name it.
  • This American Life – This is a heavy hitter.  This American Life uses many different contributors to present stories around a theme.  Sometimes it’s sweet and funny (there’s one about middle school that was great) and sometimes it’s gritty and important (they’ve recently done a series of episodes about the refugee camps in various places).
  • Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote As Kids – Pretty self-explanatory, right?  Grown ups get on stage and read things they wrote as kids.  Poetry, journal and diary entries, essays, stories, letters, anything and everything.  It’s so funny – I would love to go to a live recording of this one.
  • Somebody Knows Something – This is kind of the CBC’s attempt at having their own version of Serial.  It’s not as good (spoiler alert for season 1 – nobody knows anything) but it’s always interesting to follow a case along in a longer format.
  • My Favourite Murder – I just started listening to this one, but it’s pretty fun.  If you’ve ever felt guilty for being a little too into true crime, this one is for you.
  • WTF with Marc Maron – One of the heavy hitters.  It’s a super popular podcast where Marc Maron invites celebrities into his garage for interviews.  It’s funny, poignant and wonderfully real.
  • Comedy Bang BangBasically the opposite of WTF.  This one is so goofy and all over the map, sometimes I can’t handle it.  Typically the first half is more of a straight up celebrity interview, then the “special guests” drop in for the second half.  This is when things get super improve and out of control.  There’s lots of inside jokes and singing and madness involved.
  • Hardcore History – Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History definitely lives up to the name.  His podcasts are incredibly well researched and really delve into some crazy stories of history.  They’re long though – sometimes a three hour episode.  So I tend to wait until I’m painting a room or something so I can listen to a full episode.

Yeah, see?  A lot of podcasts.  Good thing I spend so much time in the car.  Hit me with your recommendations!



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