Treats of the Week – Supermoon Strikes Again

Yes, there was another Supermoon.  A super Supermoon, no less.  Accordingly, this week has been insanity.  I’ve had one of the most trying days in court I’ve ever had, Vivian’s sleep has been all over the place, and I’ve generally been in a grump.  Can’t wait to get this week over with!

  • So, yes, technically I’m an adult.  But I did a couple of these wooden dinosaur models and now I want to do all of them.  They’re only $4.99 each at Mastermind and they make me stupidly excited.  I kind of want to paint them gold.

  • There was another punk rock flea market at Call the Office on the weekend.  I missed the first one, but really wanted to catch the second one.  I love how this time of year there’s lots of craft sales and stuff.  This one was great – lots of cool pins, bag, t-shirts, posters, records – you name it.  I was also excited for Vivian to enter the hallowed doors of Call the Office for the first time.  I really wanted a picture of the event – her reaction was priceless.

  • Also, we cut her hair later that evening so now her hair is just above her shoulders and she looks so much older!
  • It was the first Santa Claus parade of the season on Saturday too!  It seems crazy early, but it’s actually nice to have them before it gets too cold.  I love a night parade too – so much fun with all the lights.  Vivian thought it was too cold, but my shoulders helped to warm her up.

  • I’ve often spoken of my love for the Hyland cinema.  On Friday, Dustin and I managed to catch a matinee of Christine, which was really powerful.  I love how their concession sign always says that awesomeness is free, but now I’m also amused by the fact that they advertise that they layer the butter.  Perfect for Jenn!

  • I’ve been doing a lot of doodling lately.  I’m not huge on the adult colouring books – I have a couple but colouring can give me anxiety because I worry about picking the right colours and finishing it properly.  Doodling is more relaxed, and I can’t get enough of that feeling of writing with a Sharpie.  So when I saw this gift pack of Sharpies at Walmart I definitely mentally added it to my Christmas wish list!

  • I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them last night and it was pretty great!  Much darker than the usual Harry Potter movies, and it was so nice to be back in that world!  My friend Kimberly buying me dinner beforehand was pretty great too!
  • I signed up for a gym membership again, and am pretty miserable about it.  Haven’t picked up the card yet, but I’m hoping getting new shoes for the gym will help to motivate me!

Hope you guys all survived this Supermoon hell week – I know I’ve had a rough one!


One thought on “Treats of the Week – Supermoon Strikes Again

  1. This has been a BEAUTIFUL week , weather wise.I certainly felt more energized ( could have been the moon?)
    Enjoy your weekend!! Xoxo


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