All of the outfits of the day at once! Kind of!

Last year I did a post about how I was purging clothes like crazy, and posted an inventory of my closet to prove it.  This year, with The Purge (yes, it’s capitalized, and has taken on a life of its own, and will be coming to a close soon with a yard sale, and will have its own post very soon) I’ve gotten rid of even more clothes and have become extremely picky about what gets added to the closet these days.  I can’t emphasize enough how much easier it is to have fewer clothes.  I know exactly what I have, and I know exactly what fits me.  There are fewer clothes tantrums (although there are still a few.  You know how it goes.) and I can get ready quicker because I don’t have to sift through piles and piles of clothes.
So for reference sake, here’s a link to last year’s post, and here’s what I’m working with currently.
Dresses – 10

For some reason, I didn’t pull out the sweater dress with the rest of the dresses, so here it is on its own.

Ten dresses might seem like a lot to some people, but I literally wear a dress 4 days a week right now.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, dresses are your friend.  They are super comfortable, everyone thinks you’re fancy, but really you’re in the laziest thing ever.  There’s nothing to match, and they are super flattering if you have the right one.  Love my dresses.

Shorts – 3

Really, I could whittle this down to 2 if I needed to.  I only wear shorts on the weekends and in the evenings after work, and even then it’s only if I’m actually leaving the house.  Two of the pairs are just cutoffs from hand-me-down jeans from my sister, and the third pair is a clearance find from Zellers last year.  I’m so fancy.

Jeans – 2

I am gearing up to buy a new pair of jeans.  I usually refuse to spend more than $50 on a pair of jeans, but any time that I have spent more, I’ve never regretted it.  I used to have a pair of Gap jeans that I loved, so I think I’m going to get another pair.  I’m still cheap though, so I cashed in my Airmiles for a $25 gift card and am patiently waiting for their jeans to go on sale for back to school.

 TeeFury shirts – 5

I really cut down this collection since last year.  I find that the fits of their shirts really varies depending on what colour it is, so I pared it down to only my favourites.  I could even take this down by 2 more if I really wanted to.

Shirts that aren’t tee-shirts – 8

For those days at work when I’m not wearing a dress.  Looking at this, I could even get rid of a couple that are no longer favourites.

Plain tee-shirts – 7

The black one is long-sleeved, but I figured this was an easier way of doing the categories.  The black shirt is also the only one that isn’t from Smart Set – my favourite place for plain tees.

Cardigans – 5

A relatively modest collection of cardigans!

Sweaters – 1

I didn’t even realize that I only had one sweater sweater.

“Goodies” – 2

You know, hoodies that are good enough to be seen out in public.  The Dharma sweater isn’t even a hoodie, but it still counts.

Suits – 2

The brown one doesn’t quite fit right now, but I’m not going to get rid of a suit until I’m absolutely sure that I won’t wear it anymore.

Work/dress pants – 2

I’ve actually been meaning to get rid of one of these pairs too, the pair on the right are pretty ancient.

Winter shorts – 2

I love my winter shorts.  I can’t wait to start wearing them again!

Skirts – 10

Again, it may seem excessive, but I rarely wear pants to work anymore.  And two of those skirts are too small for me right now, but they’re really nice pencil skirts from Club Monaco that I got on an insane sale and can’t bear to get rid of them yet.  Maybe I’ll get mono or something and will be able to wear them again.

Schlubby hoodies – 2

Why would I need more?  One to wear, and one to be washed.  Done.

Pajama/workout/sloppy stuff – 9 tee-shirts, 1 long sleeved shirt, 1 jogging pants, 1 sloppy shorts, 1 sloppy capris

Really, if I could, this is what I would be wearing all the time anyway.

Tights – 13 pairs

I don’t think I showed my tights and stuff last time.  I like to store them in a box, so I can just take the whole thing into the bathroom with me in the morning when I get dressed instead of digging around in the dark trying to find the pair that I want.

Heels – 4 pairs

Yes, my once-mighty shoe collection has been drastically cut.  Most of them were either cheap and falling apart, or uncomfortable, or just didn’t fit after having Vivian.  So this is what I’m down to.

Flats – 4 pairs

Impressive, right?  And they probably all need to be replaced.  I wear them to death, and never buy expensive ones.

Running shoes – 3 pairs

Left to right – every day shoes (that are totally full of holes and desperately need to be replaced), actual running shoes, sloppy ancient shoes for yard work/camping/whatever

Boots – 2 (kind of)

My winter boots, that I wear constantly and should be able to get another winter or two out of, and then my Doc Martens, that I haven’t actually worn in at least 10 years, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.  They are a part of “the archives”.  Also, notice something missing?  Those black high-heeled boots that I wore constantly last winter?  Well, they weren’t in the greatest shape anymore, and I really needed to replace them.  I knew that if I kept them around until I found new ones though, I would end up spending another winter wearing them.  So I bit the bullet and just threw them out in the summer when I wouldn’t miss them to force myself to get something new.  It’s a good trick.

Coats – 4

Left to right – spring/rain jacket, heavy winter jacket used only for shovelling snow and blizzards, vintage handmade jacket that I don’t think fits me anymore but I can’t get rid of, leather jacket that I wear constantly even though I say every year that I’ll buy myself a decent winter jacket.

Sandals – 1

My beloved sandals.  They’re held together by a safety pin (for reals), but I loves them.  I’m still kind of hoping that I can get another summer out of them (which would make it 5 summers that they survived) but we’ll see how that plan pans out.

So there you go – my entire wardrobe, except for stuff in “the archives”.  And even looking at this, I can see a few items that I might toss.  This is actually a really good method for getting rid of clothes.  Something about seeing them all laid out really puts things in perspective of what you do and don’t need.  Does it still seem like a lot?  I’m becoming a little obsessed with getting things down to the absolute bare necessities.


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