Outfit of the Day – Vivian the Hipster

Some people like to dress their little girls up in adorable frilly dresses and marvel at how cute they are.

Vivian gets dressed up like a hipster.

Yes, jeggings and flannel are the way to go for Vivian.

Here she is throwing a tantrum because she just found out you can’t get The Wiggles on vinyl.
She’s huge on the abandoned gas station circuit.

She’s so over baby cups.  Reusable water bottles are the way to go.
The only problem with this outfit was that it needed cooler shoes.  As soon as I dressed her, I realized she needed some awesome baby TOMS or Converse or something.  Then we go to my mom’s house and low and behold – a pair of pink DCs waiting for her.

(She has a new obsession with Pull-Ups.  More on that in another post.)

They’re soft-soled shoes so they’ll have to be for inside – but it was perfect for the pictures!
Shoes – DC
Jeggings – Old Navy
Flannel – Old Navy
T-shirt – Osh Kosh


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