Just a bit of spray paint…

So I’ve been itching to spray paint.  I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve been waiting all winter for the garage to be warm enough to start spraying.

My friend Carla brought me some stuff a few weeks ago – a couple of little tables and an old high chair.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with any of it, but when Young House Love painted up an old high chair they had for their daughter to use as a toddler chair, my trigger finger was ready!

I forgot to take a “Before” picture (I was pretty excited about spray painting, made all the more so because some guy asked for my professional spray painting advice while I was at Canadian Tire) but here is a shot of the chair after I primed it up.

Then I hit it with some Krylon spray paint in “Watermelon”.  I don’t put too much thought into colours, I just liked the look of this one.  In hindsight though, it is a little appropriate in my very green kitchen.

Needless to say, the tiny independent girl loves the chair.  It puts her at the perfect height to be at the big table for colouring.  

She’s definitely not going to be sitting in it for meals yet, but it’s handy to have right now.  And she loves it.  That’s her sad face after I pulled the chair out from the table just to get a better picture.  She thought I was taking her out of it.

It could use another coat of spray paint (mostly because I’m too impatient to do a decent job) but I used a whole can and haven’t gone back to get another yet.  It’s sturdy though, and like I said – the tiny boss loves it, so why wouldn’t I love it?

Spray painted anything good lately?


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