Mad Feast

So, did you all watch Mad Men on Sunday night?  Have you all had Zou, Bisou Bisou stuck in your head since then like I did?  Or do you have a massive food hangover like I do?
Jenn and I had our Mad Men party, and made enough food for about 12 people.  Our goal was to have leftovers, so you could say it was a success.  Here’s how it all went down.
We tried to use as much vintage servingware as we could and were trying to go for a whole retro appetizer theme.  It went off the rails at some points though where we just wanted to clean out our fridges and eat stuff.
First up – meatballs.  If only to use my adorable vintage Crockpot.

Seriously, it’s the cutest thing ever.

Mmmm…meaty balls.

Then of course we had to have deviled eggs, which I meticulously piped with a Ziploc bag.

Action shots!  Look at that focus.

 I make deviled eggs with mustard – this time I used a nice, grainy dijon mustard and a little bit of pickled onion juice.  Delish.

Oh, and yeah, so we took a shit-load of pictures for this.  It was nice having Jenn there who totally understands the crazy need to document every appetizer and stage it on my smoking table with accessories.

Chicken sliders.  Not necessarily retro, but definitely yummy!  Using leftover rotisserie chicken, we soaked it in Swiss Chalet sauce and put it on dinner rolls.  How can that not be amazing?

I did my best good housewife impression by baking chocolate chip cookies, which obviously needed to be displayed on my vintage tiered stand.

Ritz crackers, always a staple.  We decided to top them with nacho cheese dip, then I obsessively compulsively said that we absolutely needed little bits of red pepper to put on top.  Another trip to the grocery store was made specifically for the red pepper.  Totally worth it!

What swinging 60s party would be complete without Tang?  It’s what the astronauts drink, you guys!  Obviously it’s amazing!  Know what makes it even better?  When it’s Tang sangria!  A little lemon, a little lime, and some white wine and you’ve got a party in your vintage champage flute!

Okay, so there was another set of pictures with this Bisquick quiche (we were really playing up the whole start of the processed food age) but then we realized that we obviously needed a picture of the Betty Crocker Bisquick with the Betty Crocker Party Book, so we took a whole other set of pictures.  Obviously.

Tortilla chips in vintage Pyrex with an assortment of yummy dippers!

Buffalo chicken poppers.  This was a bit of a creation.  It’s just chopped rotisserie chicken mixed with hot sauce, cream cheese and blue cheese, then you make little bites using crescent roll dough.  They were pretty darn awesome, if not necessarily time period specific!

 They taste a lot better than they appear here.

And there’s the entire spread – minus the meatballs.  And once again, this was for two people.

Seems reasonable.

So that was our shindig!  I had every intention of getting dressed up in my fancy retro-esque Shabby Apple dress, but then after all the sampling and snacking, somehow my jogging pants were more appealing!


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