Outfit of the Day – Wearing a leather skirt without looking like you should be in a Whitesnake video

It has been crazy hot here lately – oddly unseasonably warm temperatures, and as nice as it is, I’m really not prepared with a spring wardrobe.  The fact that I just bought a new skirt that is pretty fall-y isn’t helping my cause, but at least it’s cute!
The leather miniskirt – do you dare?  I hadn’t realized this was a thing until coming across a couple of articles about it on xoJane.  So when I came across this skirt on clearance at Smart Set for $24.99, I was interested.  When I found out it was an additional 40% off and was actually $12.99, I was basically sold.

I love that it has pockets (seriously, all dresses/skirts should have pockets) has a nice, low fit and has the wrap detail at the front.  I think it makes it really updated and not super 80s.

I dressed it down with teal tights (also on clearance for $2.99), white tee and black flats.  But I think it would be super easy to slut the skirt up if that was your thing and you were wearing it out somewhere.

P.S. – Vivian was completely confused by my Smurf-like legs.  She kept touching them and poking at them.  Ah, babies.  No fashion sense.

The whole outfit is from Smart Set except for the shoes, which are old moccasin type deals from Old Navy.


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