Get Your Happy Ending!

Are you watching Happy Endings yet?  Guess what – if you’re not, you need to be.  It’s easily one of my favourite shows on TV right now – one that begs to be watched and re-watched, quoted and made a part of your life.  It’s honestly not uncommon for me to re-watch an episode four or five times over the course of a week.  Seriously, it’s awesome.  Every character is hilarious and I want them all to be my best friend.
Don’t believe me?  Check out this clip from my favourite episode – Season 1’s “Dave of the Dead” in which we learn about hipsters and zombies.  Enjoy.
Are you watching Happy Endings?  Do you have an idea face?  Let me know!


One thought on “Get Your Happy Ending!

  1. I've totally gotten into this show! It is hilarious, I love how dumb Elisha Cuthbert's character is. Totally quotable as well, the line about the Whore's bath had me rolling!


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