Outfit of the Day – Work to Tool

I went to the TOOL concert in London last week, which was awesome.  It was my third time seeing them and they are totally worth seeing live if you ever get the chance.
The problem with that day was it was one of those crazy days where my feet hit the floor at 5:30 a.m. and I didn’t stop until 1:30 a.m.  So rather than having a fight with a pair of jeans, I just left my work clothes on for the concert.  I told myself that the skirt was plaid and therefore kind of grunge and therefore appropriate for a concert.  Plus I changed out of the heeled boots and into the more casual brown boots that I always wear. Plus, I really didn’t care.

Top – George (secondhand for $1)
Skirt – Smart Set (clearance for $7)
Tights – Zellers (I bought them in extra large and extra tall and they still won’t stay opaque on my stupid giant legs.  Grr.)
Boots – Payless

Here’s a fun fact – I always push my sleeves up like that.  I seem to have oddly long arms, because sleeves usually aren’t long enough.  So I just push them up to make it look intentional, rather than having my shirts end an inch before my wrist.  I would have been awesome on Miami Vice.

I am a master at rewearing the same couple of items!


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