My Binders – Old School Pinterest

Long before Pinterest came along, I had my binders.

I loved magazines, and would read and re-read them, carefully pulling out all the ads, articles and pictures that spoke to me.  Anything that struck me as interesting or funny or too good to throw away got carefully filed into binders.  I have one full of travel ideas, one full of decorating ideas, a few filled with recipes and entertainment ideas and my favourite binder – the miscellaneous one.

Blurry binders in my crates

Yes, I have and use a label maker.  I’m okay with this.

 I checked out the old Miscellaneous binder the other day and was surprised at what I found.

Inside were page dividers from high school covered in music lyrics, art cards that I’ve had forever…

…the University newspaper from my last day at Western, sections of newspapers from important events…

 …Vanity Fair covers that I always imagined framing and hanging up in a bathroom…

…essays from university that I would probably be too embarrassed to read now…

…favourite columns and articles from magazines that aren’t even made anymore…

…articles written by authors I didn’t realize were someone famous…

…just things that meant something to me.

What I found, was me.

It’s a binder, but also a time capsule.  It’s the high school me, the university me, all brought together in one bulging binder.

This binder has pictures I had hanging in my locker in high school.  Articles I used to write essays in university.  I can sift through this binder and remember those late nights studying, driving to two different towns with my friend to find that Vanity Fair with David Beckham on the cover, the love I had for our ridiculous student newspaper at Western.

This binder represents the bests parts of me at that time.  It’s me without the insecurities, without the stresses of school.  It’s all the parts of me that I liked, but was sometimes afraid to show.  All the bands that I liked that maybe weren’t so popular.  The art that maybe would have been considered weird.  The  articles that were from Psychology Today and Jane instead of Cosmopolitan or Seventeen.

It’s me, in all my hoarding, obsessive compulsive glory.  Maybe I should bust out my label maker and change this binder from “Miscellaneous” to “Ashlie – 1996-2005”


One thought on “My Binders – Old School Pinterest

  1. Jane! I used to love that magazine… until they put Lindsay Lohan on the cover and then I never bought another one. I have a subscription to Vanity Fair but if I ever bring up one of their articles in conversation, people look at me like they've never heard of it. I think it's awesome you have these, wish I had thought of it back when I was cool.


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