Vivian Vendredi – Tantrum Time

Holy crap.  Vivian has started throwing tantrums all. the. time.  The littlest things will set her off and before you know it she’s thrown herself on the floor screaming.  It’s awesome.

Here’s an example.  Yesterday I was getting ready in the bathroom, trying to brush my hair and maybe get some makeup on.  Vivian all of a sudden figures out how to flush the toilet.

Me – Wow, Vivian!  You learned how to flush the toilet!
Me – Okay, honey.  That’s enough.  Come play over here.
Me – Vivian, no.  Mom says no.
Me – Vi…
Me – No, Vivi-
Me – Okay, that’s enough.  You’re not listening.  You get to go to the hall.

I pick her up and put her in the hall where she throws herself on the floor screaming and crying for 15 minutes.  Awesome.

I’m hoping most of it is because of the craziness of Christmas (which was fun, but sooo overwhelming) paired with her getting annoyed at being home with me all day.  Time for full-time daycare!

Any suggestions for a drama queen 1 year old?

Don’t let the innocent look fool you.


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