Radvent: Day 21 – Wrapping

I feel like this prompt kind of sums up most of my previous Radvent posts.  Which is funny, because that seems to be the impression that some of the other Radvent posters have gotten from it.  (Have you been checking out other’s entries?  You can find the links on each of Megan’s posts on www.princesslasertron.com you should check them out!)
Anyway, because I don’t feel like another deep “who I am on the inside” kind of post, I’ll tell you about one of my many, many quirks.
Once, when I was little, I wrote a letter to Santa on behalf of myself and my brother and sister.  We asked him if he could please wrap all of the presents in our stockings, thank you very much.  Love, Ashlie.
One year we woke up to find all of the wrapping paper still laying on the dining room table.  We were told that Santa was in a rush and had to leave behind the wrapping paper.  It’s funny, because one year the Easter Bunny also left all of his leftover candy in our kitchen cupboard.  Apparently our house was his last stop.  Makes sense.
This tradition has continued to this day, much to my mother’s chagrin.  Every year I get asked if everything has to be wrapped, and I still insist on it, even if it means I have to do it myself.  Yes, I have spent many a Christmas Eve wrapping the gifts for my own stocking as well as my brothers and sister.  I love having everything wrapped.  I once wrapped a tube of Chapstick.  I take this very seriously.
This now poses a problem for Jagger, since he “can’t wrap presents”.  And I put that in quotes because I don’t believe it.  Anyone can wrap a present, they just might not do it well.  Anyway, I still insist that he wraps everything in my stocking.  What’s the fun in just shoving a bunch of random things in a stocking?
On that note, I should probably get back to wrapping some presents.


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