Vivian Vendredi – Party!

Well, Vivian had her first birthday party last weekend.  Here’s a little-known fact – planning a kids party is pretty much the worst thing ever.  For me, I was all worked up about it about 6 months ago.  I was full of Pinterest ideas and had colour schemes and themes planned out…it was going to be awesome.

But as the date inched closer and closer, I thought, “To hell with this.  She doesn’t care if her party has a theme or not.  I might as well just take it easy and stress about big fancy parties later when she can order me around.”

So we kept it simple – the kids went swimming, then we had cake and Quiznos.  Easy-peasy, right?  But it was still super stressful and exhausting.  Oh, and kids parties go by at the speed of light.  Especially first birthday parties.  The whole thing went something like this – get the kids in the pool.  Okay, now the kids are getting cold, get them out now before they start screaming!  Okay, everyone’s happy again.  Feed them before they start screaming!  Okay, Vivian needs to get out of the chair now.  Open presents before they start screaming!  Now cake before they scream!  Now everyone go home and scream there!  Seriously, it goes by so quickly, and you don’t have time to remember to enjoy any of it or take any pictures of anything.

But the important thing is, it’s over.  Now we can worry about pulling Christmas off, which is becoming more and more interesting since Vivian’s been running a fever and throwing up for the last few days.  Yeah, shopping is going to be fun this weekend.

For the record, she was pretty unimpressed with the whole “you get to make a mess eating cake” thing since I let her eat like that for every meal.  We still had fun though.


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