Radvent – Day 8: Comfort

Weird that I kind of wrote about comfort yesterday for “Travelling”, so I suppose I should focus more on getting myself out of my comfort zone.

But what is my comfort zone?  What aspect of myself should I be breaking?

There are lots of habits that I should improve – my eating, my sleeping, my working out, but that’s not really a comfort zone thing.  I think I put myself out there, introducing myself to new people.  I would like to try new things.

I suppose right now my one big idea that I’ve been considering doing but am a little scared of is the furniture.  I loves me some cheap and free furniture, and am so incredibly inspired by so many other bloggers who refashion and repurpose sad old furniture.  Some may call me a hoarder (hi, mom!) for amassing so many pieces of random furniture, but it’s all with the idea of one day working on them and reselling them so they can have another life.  I picture myself spending the winters and spring painting and sanding and reupholstering, only to have a great big yard sale in the summer.

I’m a little scared though.

What if I spend all winter working on stuff and no one wants any of it?  What if I price things wrong and people walk away or just figure they can do it themselves?  What if I don’t finish enough pieces, or I don’t do a good enough job?

Right now I have the comfort of having the space to keep all this furniture, so it isn’t a problem having it around.  Maybe I need to light a little fire under myself and get this project off the ground.


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