Vivian Vendredi – First night with the weighted blanket

I’m still battling with Vivian to sleep through the night.  Some nights she’s not too bad, and even slept for 6 1/2 hours one night, but still nothing consistent.  Now that I’m going back to work a couple of days a week, I really need to get her to sleep.

So, it was weighted blanket time.  I had one custom-made for her, and it weighs four pounds.  My thinking was that she might be disturbed by noises or lights from passing cars and that instead of being able to just get over it and go back to sleep, she wakes up enough that I need to go in to give her back a soother or a bottle or whatever.  I was hoping that the comfort of the weighted blanket would be enough to get her through any disturbances.

So, I tucked her in to bed last night with a light blanket to snuggle with (she likes to pull a blanket over her face when she sleeps) and then her weighted blanket.  I closed the door and crossed my fingers.

Thirty minutes later, she was crying.  I cursed a little, and went back in to give her back her soother and tuck her in again.

I tried not to expect a miracle overnight, but I have to admit a tiny part of me was thinking that she might magically sleep all night long.

She did not.

It was a pretty typical night for us.  She was up at 2:30, 4:30 and 6:00, then up for the day at 8:00.  Sigh.

I’m not giving up though.  My next plan of attack is to pair the weighted blanket with overnight strength diapers in a bigger size than she usually wears and hanging up a dark sheet in the window to help block the light.  Beyond that, I don’t know.  I’m pretty much tapped.

Any more suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Vivian Vendredi – First night with the weighted blanket

  1. Can I give you the asshole, Holier-than-thou parent response? Don't go in. That's probably the same thing you've been told numerous times but I swear my daughter sleeps better than most other kids I know because we didn't give in during those early months. To this day we never let Isabelle sleep with us, and when she does get up we always tuck her back in and leave the room.

    So there's that response, which is precisely the kind of parenting advice I hate so I can appreciate it if you ignore it.

    Another thing that I think has helped is white noise. We have an air purifier that we run in her room constantly just to create that sound of air movement that masks a lot of other noises in the house.


  2. Definitely not asshole advice! Actually, the last few days have been getting better and better with Vivian – I've been letting her cry and she seems to get herself through it. I've also gotten her a white noise machine, which she seems to enjoy. We were using a humidifier in her room, but the white noise seems to be more soothing. I had tried letting her cry it out in the past, but it usually resulted in her screaming for 45 minutes then sleeping for an hour. I think just this week we both got to the point where we were ready for her to handle things on her own! I hope you'll check it for the post this Friday to read more about her progress!


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