I’m an idiot sometimes.

My friend Lisa has a cookie exchange every year.  Everyone who comes bakes a dozen cookies for each person participating.  You swap them around and end up with loads of different cookies that you can freeze and have on hand for the holidays.  It’s a great idea, and is a fun way to get different recipes.  This year, there are 14 girls participating, so I have to bake 14 dozen cookies.

Because of my mild to moderate Pinterest obsession, I was inspired to bake these cookies…

They’re cute, and it’s really easy.  The recipe actually calls for you to just use a sugar cookie mix, cut them using a bell-shaped cookie cutter, then turn it upside down to add the pretzel antlers and use M&Ms for the nose and eyes.  Easy-peasy.

So I set out to Walmart to get my supplies.  I found the sugar cookie mix and proceeded to read everything on the back of the package trying to figure out how many cookies one package would make.  I couldn’t find anything anywhere on it, so I did the only practical thing and panicked, buying all six bags that were on the shelf.

At the checkout, I asked the girl if she had ever used the mix before and knew how many cookies each package made.  She wasn’t sure, but guessed 16-20 cookies a package, which is totally a random made up number.

So I got home with my stuff, still worrying that I had too much/not enough cookie mix to get through my marathon baking session.  What do I notice as I’m putting everything away?

Can you read that?  What is clearly printed on the front of the package?  “Makes 3 dozen cookies”.

At least I have enough, and not crazy amounts of extras.  But still, I feel like an idiot for poring over the back of the package without even thinking to read the front.

Cookie Doh!


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