I got spoiled!

I can hardly believe it, but it’s already been 3 weeks since my birthday!  I don’t know if I mentioned it on here or not, but I turned 29 on October 29th, so we had a party to celebrate.  I figured I would rather make a big deal this year and just quietly let next year pass by!  We had a great time having our friends and family over and I got thoroughly spoiled!  I got so many wonderful things, I just had to share with you!

In addition to lots of bags of Peanut Butter M&Ms (how did they know?) popcorn, Bud Lite Lime and many bottles of wine and champagne, I got these treasures…

Books!  So many lovely books.  The Mad Men one even has paper dolls in it!  And the Joan paper doll even comes with an accordion and a wine bottle to throw at her idiot husband!

I know, the picture is terrible because my camera is terrible (I didn’t get a new camera for my birthday) but I got a beautiful new Chamilia bracelet and a super pretty and delicate necklace.  I already have a bunch of new charms picked out that I want for my bracelet!

My friend Carol made this beautiful quilt for Vivian.  It’s called “Brightest Day” and is based on the Lanterns from the Brightest Day comic series.  You can check out more about it at her blog.  My picture doesn’t do it justice – it’s so beautiful!

I finally got a new purse!  Vivian’s big enough now that I can get away with only carrying a few things for her, and I don’t need a giant diaper bag all the time anymore, so I’m back in purse land!

How awesome are these?  Dharma wine!  Custom made by our friends James and Christine!

Have you seen Fast Five yet?  You should go watch it immediately.  It’s pretty much the best movie ever made, no joke.

My friend Amanda got me this great ceramic egg carton dealio.  It’s perfect for jewellery or change or little bits and pieces you have sitting around your bedside or your desk.  I love it – it’s just like the one Sherry on Young House Love has!  (If you’re wondering, that’s the cork from the bottle of champagne from my champagne birthday!

I was also lucky enough to get a gift card so I could finally buy some makeup after going without for a year and another gift card for Canadian Tire to help support my spray painting habit!  Hopefully I’ll be able to show you how I used that one soon!

It really was an awesome birthday – and thank you to everyone who came over to help celebrate!

Now let’s all forget about my birthday next year, shall we?


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