Wish Book

In our increasingly digital and paperless world, there is one item that sticks out in my mind as being unchangeable.

The Sears Wish Book.

Is there anything better in the whole, wide world than getting your hands on a new Wish Book for the very first time?  Sure, as an adult it can be a bit annoying to see it pop up as early as Labour Day, but I still can’t resist flipping through it one page at a time, over and over again.  When we were kids, we used to have to get multiple copies to avoid fighting – everyone always wanted to look at it!  I remember I would always flip to the back to look at the toys first, then meticulously go through the entire catalogue page by page.  Even now I’ve gone through our Wish Book at least a dozen times.

Of course there are other ways to shop – you can just hop online and start adding items to your virtual cart and be on your way.  I don’t know what it is though, nothing quite compares to calling Sears and reading out all those item numbers, then going to pick everything up in a couple of days.  We still do most of our Christmas shopping out of the Wish Book – it’s just so convenient!

Don’t ever change, Wish Book.  I want Vivian to grow up with that same excitement of flipping through the Wish Book page by page and circling the toys she wants.  If only because it makes shopping much easier on me.

Tell me you also have fond memories of fighting over the Wish Book with your siblings!


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