Pinterest Challenge – The Sequel

Young House Love and Bower Power hosted another Pinterest Challenge for the fall season.  The point of the challenge is to stop pinning and start doing!  When you get into Pinterest it can become really, really easy to just pin every wonderful thing in sight and not ever get around to trying any of them.  Nothing like a little internet challenge to get those creative juices flowing!

This time around, I took my inspiration from this pin…

…which I repinned from this board, which was originally from this blog.

It seemed simple enough – turn a coffee table into a bench.  I just so happened to have this coffee table sitting around the house which I picked up off the side of the road in the summer.

It had pretty straight lines, and I needed something new for the front door area since Vivian was about five minutes away from pinching her fingers in the gossip bench which had been occupying the space.  (Does anyone else constantly rearrange their furniture because their kids are always finding new and wonderful ways to get injured?  Just me?)

A quick coat of paint, some foam from Walmart and a vintage sheet later, I had this.

Not bad, right?  I need to add some trim or something to help cover the staples, but for right now it seems to do the trick.  It was the perfect thing for the front entrance when we had the party on the weekend – just the thing for people to drop purses on or to sit on to put on their shoes.

It was a super simple project.  I roughed the whole thing up with some sandpaper before painting the legs and sides with some white paint I already had.  I picked up some squares of foam from Walmart (3 of them for $6 each did the trick) and used a vintage sheet I bought a couple of months ago.  (This blog does amazing and inspiring things with vintage sheets, so I’ve started keeping my eye out for some in case I ever get some sewing skills)  Some spray adhesive on the top of the table kept the foam in place (the foam is 3 inches wide and each square was 18 inches by 18 inches.  Using three covered the top pretty well, but I had about an inch gap all the way around.  It works though, I’m not stressed about it.) while I flipped the whole thing over and started staple gunning the sheet down.  Easy-peasy.

Like I said, a little trim around it would give it a much more finished look, and I’m sure I’ll get around to that one day.  Not today though.

In case you missed it last time (or are new here from the link party!) here’s what I managed to make for the last Pinterest challenge!

Happy Pinning!


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