Vivian Vendredi – Vivian’s Ladies

I’m kind of oddly strict with Vivian’s dolls.  She has three special dolls that all live in special places.  See, I have this whole theory that if she only gets a specific doll at a specific time/place then it’s more exciting and special.

So here’s our three…

At the top we have Mermaid – she lives in the car and gets to come with us to places like graphic novel group.

In the middle we have Dolly – she lives in the crib.  Vivian loves her and is always trying to break her out of crib jail by pulling her through the bars.

And at the bottom is Baby – she lives on the stroller, but I think she’s going to move to daycare and have naps with Vivian there.

That picture was nearly impossible to take, by the way.  Vivian was so excited to see all of her dolls in the same place that she kept trying to grab them and hug them all.

Moving in for the kill

I love that she loves her dolls so much and that she seems to understand that they each have their place. Sometimes when she wakes up she’ll be in her crib hugging her Dolly and have her soother in her mouth, but I’ll tell her that Dolly and suckie live in the bed and she’ll just leave them there.  It’s nice for her to have a comfort everywhere.

Don’t worry, she has lots of other toys to hug and play with, these are just her special dollies.

In other Vivian news – she’s pretty much mastered walking and rarely crawls when we’re at home now. She’s a pro at standing up on her own too – I’ve never seen a baby just stand up the way she does – not even using her hands to push off or anything.  I finally caught it on video for you!

Have a great Halloween weekend, everyone!  It’s my birthday tomorrow and Vivian is spending the night at my mom’s for the second time ever.  I’m pretty excited at the possibility of getting six or maybe even seven hours of sleep!


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