Vivian Vendredi – Project Sleepytime

After 9 months with Vivian, we still don’t seem to be any closer to her sleeping through the night.  Since we’ve started seeing our homeopath, things have been much calmer when she wakes up, but we’re still looking at a lot of wake-ups through the night.  Right now, a usual night for Vivian is usually something like this – she’ll go to bed at 7:00, wake up around 11:00, have part of a bottle and go back to bed.  Then we usually have wake-ups at around 1:00 and 3:00 which are the same thing – part of a bottle and back to bed.  Sometimes there will be a wake-up around 6:00, but that one isn’t for sure.  If she’s up at 6:00, I will usually put her back to bed to try and push her until 7:30 or so to wake up for the day.  Of course, things change all the time.

I feel like most of the time, she is only waking up to see me, to make sure I’m still there.  She’ll have some of her bottle to relax herself back to sleep, but it doesn’t really seem like she’s actually hungry.  So, what I’m trying to do is let her get herself back to sleep instead, so that we can hopefully get down to only waking up once at night.  That would be awesome.

Here’s my problem though – whenever I’ve tried to just let herself cry and whine during the night to put herself back to sleep, she ends up waking up even more.  Then instead of a drowsy baby who goes back to sleep easily, I have a wide-awake baby who is talking to me and touching my face and trying to chase the cats off the bed.

So what do I do?  Do I keep catering to her being awake whenever she wants?  Do I let her cry it out and hope she just deals with it herself?  I just don’t know what the best approach is anymore.


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