True Blood – Season 4

I’ll warn you right now – I’m going to talk about the season 4 finale of True Blood and the entire series of books that inspires the show.  If you don’t want to know any spoilers, beware!

This past Sunday we saw the end to season 4 of True Blood.  This was the first season that I’ve watched on a week-to-week basis, as opposed to a DVD marathon.  Maybe that’s why I felt a little differently about this season, or maybe it’s because this season was so hotly anticipated by fans of the books, or maybe it’s because I’m typing this after a couple of glasses of wine.  For whatever reason, I found this season a little lackluster.  There were a lot of go-nowhere plots (were-panthers and weird French ghost lady, I’m looking at you) and this entire season was treading on some seriously hallowed ground.  Season four was based (loosely, if you ask me) on the fourth book of the Southern Vampire series – “Dead to the World” by Charlaine Harris.  Like I said, this book is very near and dear to reader’s hearts because it is the start of the Eric/Sookie love affair.  Not to spoil too much of the rest of the books (if you haven’t read the books, I highly recommend you do.  Seriously, it will take you like a week.  I’ll loan mine to you.)  The amnesia version of Eric is much-loved, and considered to be the truest version of our dear viking.  (For a whole lot of Eric love and much better reviews, check out  I’ll tell you right now, the way things go down in the show are not how they go down in the books.  Do yourself a favour and read them.

That being said, here are the rest of my views on the finale

  • Book Sookie would never forgive Bill.  Of course, Book Bill would never have become King.  So there you go.
  • I’m really excited to see what they do with Steve Newlin as a vamp.  That was my biggest gasp moment of the finale.  
  • I’m really hoping Tara stays dead.  In the books, she’s a pretty minor character, and while I don’t mind her having more of a presence in the show, the character has been way too bitter in the last few seasons, and just hasn’t been adding much of anything (except a serious stink-face).
  • Even though it’s not canon to the books, I actually like the idea of seeing Sookie and Alcide together.  You knew as soon as Sookie started waxing all poetic about sitting on her porch with her grandbabies that she wasn’t going to end up with Eric or Bill, and I actually wouldn’t mind seeing how a Sookie/Alcide relationship pans out.  If only to see Alcide with his shirt off a whole bunch, and to see people online ship them as “Alkie”.
  • I love Sam, and I hope he can be happy with Luna.  I’m actually anxious to see what they have in store for him next season, and who that wolf was.
  • I’m really disappointed that Eric wasn’t at Sookie’s house for the Debbie Pelt execution.  Anyone who has read the books knows how important that moment was for Eric and Sookie.  The fact that Sookie ended up being alone makes me really worry for what happens next.  I’m a little concerned that Bill and/or Eric will show up to clean up the mess and turn Tara into a vamp.  I really don’t want to see bitter Tara as a vamp.  I was pretty pleased to see dirty V-addicted Debbie again though, I never bought her as happy shiny Debbie.
  • I’m glad to see the end of the witches – Marnie was super annoying, and never really felt like a true villain.  
  • Russell is coming back!  Oh, I’m excited to see Russell again.  You just know he’s going to have it in for Sookie too after she dumped Talbot down the drain.
  • Really?  No fairies in the finale?  The started the series off so strongly with the fairies (who are extremely important in the books) and then they were quickly forgotten.  I suppose we’ll see them again in season five, especially since that one fairy got it on with Andy.
All in all, I guess it was an okay season.  Maybe it will play better as a marathon, I’m not sure.  Alexander Skarsgard was fantastic as Amnesia-Eric, and if nothing else, that totally sold the season on me.
How many more sleeps until next June?


One thought on “True Blood – Season 4

  1. Love True Blood…although I was a little underwhelmed by this season than season's past. Overall, I liked the finale but I was wondering what the deal was with no fairies??

    I gasped too about Steve Newlin and even Russell once I realized what was going on. Glad that Tara is dead too…way too whiny for my taste.

    I hate that we have to wait til next summer! Maybe I will finally start reading the series to pass the time.


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