Library Chairs

So…I bought more chairs from Kijiji.  Yes, Mom, I know you think I’m a hoarder.  Yes, Kimberly, I know you agree.
These were too good to pass up though.
See, I’d noticed this chair on Big Bang Theory and thought, “That’s an awesome old library chair.  I would love to have something like that!”

So, I kept my eye out on Kijiji for something similar, figuring I would never be lucky enough to come across something like that.

I came across two somethings like that.

Aren’t they awesome?  I loves them.  I got them for $25 for the pair!  How amazing is that?  Solid oak, and already stripped down.  These ones need a bit of work, they backs are a bit wobbly and need some gluing, but I can’t wait to fix them up and stain them.

See?  Here’s an area that needs a little attention.

They’re awesome, and super comfortable.  They have nice wide seats, so it’s great for me to park my nice wide seat in them.

I know, I know.  I have a lot of chairs.  It’s a problem, I’m aware.


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