Vivian’s Room is Growing Up

It’s kind of funny that the things babies use grow and change almost as often as they do.  Vivian is already using her third bed (bassinet, playpen bassinet, crib) and after almost eight months, it became pretty clear that Vivian’s room needed some updating.

First on the list?  Getting rid of the bed.  I loved having the single bed in her room to use as a change table, place to fold clothes, or just a place to crash when she was having a rough night.  However, due to her habit of flipping over and trying to crawl off the bed the second you take off her diaper, it was time for the bed to go.

We also had to get rid of the sweet boxes table…

Because it’s just a stack of boxes with a piece of glass on top for a table top, I knew it wouldn’t be in there forever.  Now that Vivian has to stand up to everything, the glass wasn’t staying in one place for long.

So here is Vivian’s new, improved and very open bedroom.

It seems huge now with all the open space on the floor.  I moved the stuffed animals down to a basket for her to play with.

The desk is still in the same place.

I need to get around to checking the fuses for her room – two of the three outlets in there don’t work, so that’s why there’s a big ole power bar beside the desk.

Next up is getting a nice area rug in there for Vivian.  I’ve got my eye on this one at Ikea, and just have to get around to making the trip there.

The only problem with the new room configuration?  I have no idea where to change her now.  I kind of switch between the floor in the living room and the floor in the bathroom.  Either way, I end up having to chase her around to get the diaper on.  At least she’s isn’t falling off a bed while it’s happening though.


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