Pinterest Challenge – Extra Credit

So last night I was watching Empire Records and trolling around on Pinterest while Vivian was sleeping (for once) and came across this.

(The source seems to redirect to an email account, so someone must have pinned it from an email instead of a website, thus no credit)
The seed was planted.  I have two jewellery boxes, which seems excessive for someone like me who rarely wears jewellery anymore.  I also had an extra shadowbox that I picked up from Michaels on the weekend on clearance for $8.  I may have to go back for more, I seem to be finding uses for them everywhere.

So sorry the pictures are crappy – my camera really sucks, especially in poor lighting.  And I had to take the pictures at 10:00 o’clock at night because Jagger’s going on vacation and taking the camera with him (so I’ve been running around taking pictures of anything that I might want to blog about while he’s gone)
Anyway…I stuck my earrings and brooches into the shadowbox and hung it up on the wall.  Boom.  Project completed.  I’m really happy with how it turned out, and maybe seeing all my earrings out in the open will encourage me to actually wear them.  Although, the 17 pound monster who likes to grab everything might discourage me from wearing them if I want to keep my earlobes intact.
So there you go – Pinterest in action!

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