Curbside coffee table to pretty play table

Remember that old coffee table I picked up off the side of the road?

Well, I cleaned it up and now it’s a great play table for Vivian!
It turns out this was a great little table.  It’s solid wood, and I love the lines of it.  Because the top of the table already had some weird black stuff on it (I think it was paint?) I decided to just slap some chalkboard paint on.  Then, using a coupon I had for a free sample of paint from Benjamin Moore, I picked up some paint in “Pre-Dawn Sky” for the lower part of the table.  Seriously, I’m in love with this colour.  I still have some leftover from the sample and am desperately trying to find something else to paint with it.  It’s just the nicest, richest shade of pinky-purple I’ve ever seen.  I love it.  There may be an accent wall in Vivian’s room in the future.

Because the table is super low (it’s much lower than any other coffee table I have) it works perfectly for Vivian to stand up to and play at.  She loves standing up now, so it’s perfect.  Of course, the lower shelf works great for toys, or for cats looking for a place to hide.

Total cost of the project really can’t be beat – I used a small amount of the chalkboard paint I had from painting my backsplash and cupboard doors (which was only $20 for the can, and I still have loads left), the other paint was a free sample, and the table itself was free.  Totally on budget for me!

Have you done any facelifts on freebie/ugly furniture lately?


One thought on “Curbside coffee table to pretty play table

  1. I love it! You did a fabulous job, and Vivian is going to get much creative use of the table. I agree with the colour. Wow! It is B E A U T I F U L ! ! !

    Great photo too of the “after” with Vivian and the cat. If I had not recognized Vivian I would have thought you found the photo in a high-end decorating magazine.

    Good for you, Ashlie!



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