Vivian Vendredi – The Shark

You know how they say sharks have to keep moving or they’ll die?

I think Vivian might be a shark.

This girl moves constantly.  Seriously.  Either she’s crawling (at alarmingly fast speeds), climbing something (the living room was rearranged today to better suit her), whipping her head around to see what someone is doing (snoopy), or just generally flipping around.  She never stops. 

Even if I’m holding her, she’s twisting and turning and flipping around, trying to wriggle away or just to check out what’s going on somewhere else.  I put her down to sleep and she tries to crawl in her sleep.  It never stops.

You would think that she sleeps like a log at night after all that running around, but of course she doesn’t.  She’s still up at least every 4 hours, some nights it’s every 2-3 hours still.  I suppose she just needs to refuel at night for her busy day the next day.

Who knows what she’ll be up to next – she’s already trying to figure out how to cruise along the furniture.  At this rate, she’ll be walking at 9 months old.

Sigh…anyone have a baby gate they’re getting rid of?


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