Woot, coupons!

This is so exciting – my mom and I actually did some extreme couponing!  Well, she did.  She’s the one who found the deal.

Now that Vivian is on formula full time, it’s a real cash-suck.  She goes through about a can every five days, and cans of formula are anywhere from $24-30 each, depending on the sale price.  It sucks.

So imagine how exciting it was when my mom stumbled upon a local grocery store that was clearing out some formula and had it marked down to $10 a can.  Amazing price, right?!  But wait, it gets better.  Not only was it marked down to $10, we had a whole bunch of $5 off coupons from Nestle on top of that!

So we ended up getting all of this formula…

…that’s six cans of powder and one case of condensed…

for $35.

Unbelievable, right?!  We figure they had it all marked down because it’s “close to expiry”, but most it expires August 31 or September 2011.  Some of it doesn’t even expire until 2012!  And when we go through it so quickly, finishing it before September is going to be no problem at all.

Have you found any sweet deals lately?

(P.S. – Yes, I took the time while Vivian was napping to set up the formula into fancy little pyramids just to take a picture for the blog.  I have issues.)


One thought on “Woot, coupons!

  1. That's awesome! Man, isn't the condensed formula awesome… we almost never got it because it costs so much more but when we did, boy howdy, was it ever convenient.

    VW: Opares – How one from the Deep South spells au pairs.


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