Vivian Vendredi – Baby-Led Weaning

So, as per usual with Vivian, she’s turned the tables on me again.  Just when we were doing good with eating, she decided all of a sudden that she doesn’t want baby food anymore.  She would much rather feed herself, thank you very much.

Sigh.  I swear, this girl is about to move out to her own apartment at the rate she’s going.  She is so independent.  It’s awesome to see her be so fearless with new things, but at the same time, she’s only six months old.  It would be nice if she wanted to be a baby for a little while.

So, after a few days of fighting and creating a huge mess in trying to get two or three bites of food into her mouth, I just started giving her finger foods.

I’d read up on baby-led weaning before she was born, and was considering trying it with her.  Apparently she has been checking out my Google searches and thought it was a great idea, because that’s totally what we’re doing now.

Baby-led weaning is a terrible name, I know.  It’s basically just skipping baby foods, and going straight to finger foods.  It’s all about the baby being in charge of their feeding, exploring new foods and developing good food habits by just experimenting.  Yes, there’s a bit of a fear of choking, but they say that it’s better this way because they learn to chew before they learn to swallow (as opposed to pureed baby food, where they learn to swallow before they learn to chew) and that babies have super sensitive gag reflexes, so they will gag on a food long before they choke on it.  No fear though, I am sitting right with her the whole time she eats ready to jump in and clear any food out of that little mouth if necessary. Mostly though, she just sucks on food and then drops it when she’s done.  That’s okay, because she will still get the nutrients just by sucking on things.

The best part?  She freaking loves it.

So, instead of pureeing and freezing foods for her, we’re doing a lot of steaming and cutting things up into easy to hold pieces for her.

Good old Vivian, just when you think you have her figured out, she decides to do something new.

If you want to read more about BLW, you should probably Google it.  But if you want to read something fun about it, you should check out MODG’s blog.  It’s really far superior to my blog, and she’s doing the BLW thing too.

In related Vivian news, she cut her first tooth on Monday.  It’s been a helluva week.  Not a lot of sleeping happening in this house.  I also suspect that she has an ear infection.  We’re headed to the walk-in clinic tonight.  Sigh.

She is moving like crazy now though – check it out.  This was from a few days ago though, she’s moving even better now.  I’m in trouble.


2 thoughts on “Vivian Vendredi – Baby-Led Weaning

  1. So so cute! Vivian the trailblazer! She sure can move for only 6 months. I can see her walking in the near future for sure!


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