Vivian Vendredi – Snoopy

People have always called Vivian bright, alert, curious, observant – all those good things.  What they really mean though, is that she’s snoopy.

She always has to know what’s going on and who’s in the room at any given time.  She whips her head right around whenever anyone starts to talk and now she wants to grab at whatever anyone has.  She’s too snoopy.  It’s so funny to see her going from this little lump who wanted to know what was going on, but couldn’t quite move around enough to manage it; to this giant girl who flings herself around in my arms to try and get a read on what’s going on in any given situation.  She’s such a social little kitten.

I know she’ll just get worse once she starts to crawl and can actually move herself into the situation to get a better look.  Watch out – I think it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.  Check out her moves!

We’re taking her to Toronto on Sunday for her first Jays game – I’m sure she’ll be thrilled watching all the people there!


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