Just what I needed, more places to spend money

I went to a Mom to Mom sale a few weeks ago (basically a big group yard sale with just baby clothes and toys and stuff) and happily got some great deals.  Lots of cute summer outfits for Vivian and a few cheap toys.  Can’t go wrong.  There were also vendors there selling some really cute new items as well.  There were a couple of vendors in particular that I enjoyed, so I wanted to help spread the word about them here.
Designs by Danielle had so much cute stuff.  I got Vivian this sweet tie onesie…
My mom doesn’t know why I “dress her like a boy” but I argue that there’s a pink fish on the tie, and it’s adorable.  Designs by Danielle also had lots of other cute appliqued onesies and pillowcase dresses, as well as really cute little wristlets and coupon holders for moms.  I picked up a wristlet as well, which is great.  I wish I’d paid more attention to which one I grabbed though, because some of them had detachable straps so you could clip them onto a stroller.  Damn me just grabbing one with a cute pattern!
I know this is all stuff that you can find from any one of a hundred vendors on Etsy, but I like that she’s local (in London).  I would always rather do business with someone trying to make it around here rather than someone online.
The other vendor that I loved was Funky Flower.  Everyone seems to have the same fake flower headbands and hats for baby girls.  That’s great if that’s your thing, but I love that these flowers are so different.  They’re almost a rag-style flower, and I love the dimension of them.  I couldn’t get a picture from their website to load on here, so you’ll have to go check them out yourself!
Update – Sara from Funky Flower was nice enough to send me some photos.  I looove the newsboy hats that she has – Vivian is definitely in need of one!

(Neither of them gave me any reason to write this, nor do they know that I’ve written this.  I just wanted to pass the word along about some awesome independent vendors!)

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