Vivian Vendredi – Looks and Personality

I’ve had a lot of people commenting lately on how much Vivian’s looks are changing.  All of a sudden, she’s not a little baby anymore it seems.  I can’t quite put my finger on what it is – if it’s just that she’s getting bigger and growing into her looks, or the fact that her hair is really coming in now, or just more of her personality coming through.  She’s definitely becoming her own little person though.

Just last week, she really discovered herself in the mirror.  Is it possible for her to realize that her reflection is actually her?  Because I totally think she knows.  Her room has mirrored closet doors, and I’ve always shown her herself in the mirror after diapers changes and naps.  I’ll hold her and say things like, “Oh, who’s that pretty baby in the mirror?  Is that Vivian with mom?  What a pretty baby!”  Or if she’s crying after waking up from her nap, we’ll talk to the sad baby in the mirror until she smiles.  Normally she just smiles at “the baby in the mirror”, but last week when we were saying hello, her eyes got huge and she lunged forward and started banging on the mirror.  Now it’s all she does – lean in and bang her hands against the mirror and get so excited about it.  I’ve started putting a mirror at her level on the floor so she can play and talk to the mirror.  She loves it, she might be a little vain already.

She’s also been really showing us her temper lately.  I swear, if she had the motor skills to stomp her feet right now, she totally would.  She’s got the back arching thing down to a science – it usually comes out when she’s in her “I’m really tired and need to go to sleep, but I don’t want to miss anything” mood.  She yells and throws herself around until she finally goes to sleep.  She’s going to be a wonderful toddler, I’m sure.

On another note – of course, today is the Royal Wedding.  Vivian woke up just as Prince William was leaving for the Abbey, and fell asleep after the vows.  So I can officially tell her when she’s big that she did, indeed watch the Royal Wedding.  I hope one day she appreciates that and doesn’t just think her mom is a giant nerd.


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