Vivian Vendredi – Little Miss Independent

All of a sudden, Vivian has become little miss independent.

Did you just get Kelly Clarkson stuck in your head?  No?  Well then allow me.

All of a sudden, Vivian wants to do everything for herself.  She wants to hold her own bottles, feed herself her cereal, and put herself to sleep.  Don’t cover her up with a blanket – she’ll just kick it off.  Don’t put socks on her – she’ll just pull them off.  Everything has to be her idea.  I think she just wants to be treated like a person, not a baby.  I brought her to my book club on Tuesday night and she was quite content to just get passed around from person to person.  As long as she’s involved in the conversation and has someone interacting with her, she’s quite happy.

For me, it’s nice to see her being so independent, but it also makes everything just a little bit harder.  I try to bundle her up to go outside (since it’s still winter, apparently) and she just wants to pull the blanket off of herself.  Cereal gets flung everywhere at mealtimes and dressing her takes forever since she has to grab at everything that comes near her.

On the other hand, it is really awesome to watch her right now.  She really thinks things through, and I love seeing her grab a toy and turn it over in her hands to examine it and try to figure out how it works.  Turns out, all toys work by shoving them in her mouth.


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