Vivian Vendredi – Velcro Vivian

Here are some of the more common things that I say to Vivian over the course of a day…

  • “Be a normal baby”
  • “You’re fine, I’m right here”
  • “I’m coming, just give me a minute”
  • “Okay, fine.  You win.  You always win.”
Vivian has started making strange.  At only 11 weeks old she has turned into velcro.  It’s not only with people that she doesn’t see often, she freaks out with my mom and sister too.  (Poor Courtney was holding her on the weekend and Vivian was freaking out, leading Courtney to say “I just want to get to know you!”)
It’s been fun.  Especially since Vivian doesn’t just get a little worked up.  She’ll go from “Oh this is nice, I’m totally happy and relaxed” to “I HATE THIS WHY IS THIS HAPPENING MY WORLD IS OVER!!!” in an instant.  
She’s a special little girl.
In other Vivian news, she’s started grabbing at toys…

And we’ve started giving her rice cereal.  I know it’s a little early, but after several nights of being up with her at 12:30, 3:00, 4:00-5:00 and 7:00, I had had enough.  A little tablespoon of rice cereal before bed seems to help keep her full enough for the night.  Now our nights are more like down to bed at 11:00ish and up at 6:00ish to eat, then back to sleep until 9:30 or 10:00.  Much better.  I still have to get up a couple of times in the night to give her back her soother, but at least she doesn’t want to eat.

At this rate, who knows what she’ll be up to next week!

Wish me luck in another week of having a 12 pound piece of velcro stuck to me!


One thought on “Vivian Vendredi – Velcro Vivian

  1. Aw, honey, I hear ya! They are so heavy and those slings that are supposed to be “so comfortable” only feel good for 20 mins, which is nothing in Baby Time.
    It's funny, my first one was very amiable towards me but not like “OhMyGod!MOMIloveyouyouaresogreatImeanitneverleaveme!” for the first 7 months. He was happy I was there and lovey but if I left him with a relative for a bit he was all “Hmm, that lady who smells/sounds/looks familiar is gone…strange. Hey look, a cat, this is neat!” I remember being like “Why doesn't my baby care if I leave? I mean, it's good he likes everyone the same… *I guess*”
    Baby Numero Second was Magneto. And I was like “Why won't my baby allow me to leave the room, even to get a glass of water… I mean, she can see me at the sink!”
    It's tough getting used to having zero personal space*… just wait until you can't take a pee without someone knocking on the door: “Mom? Is that you? Are you going pee? MOM! Are you going pee or poop in there? Are you in there? Why is the door locked? I'll start counting until you come out, OK?”. Good times!

    Keep up the good work Lady and a feather in your cap** for being so honest 😀

    *As an interesting aside, a lot of moms talk about constantly having their baby on them during the day and so when their husbands come home, the last thing they want is him trying to put the moves on them (please excuse that mess of a “sentence”). I would always have 2 bottles of milk ready to go for my husband to feed the baby with when he got home, then I got 2 hours of just me time. No talk about the day, no laughy-happy-couple time – just me. A bath, reading a bit and a nap and it was a miracle cure. I mean hell, I went through it all again 3 years later, right? 😉

    **That's a total nerd-saying that my husband has foisted upon me.


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