Warning – Pity Party ahead.

I miss jeans.  
I miss everything about them.  I miss wearing them and then leaving them on the floor to wear them again the next day.  I miss the way they drag on the ground and get crunchy salt stains in them in the winter and the glorious feeling of wearing sandals and jeans when things start to get warm.  
I miss having pockets.
Since Vivian’s been born, I’ve been pretty much stuck in jogging pants.  I had one pair of fat jeans to wear immediately after she was born so I would have something decent to wear over the holidays, but they literally fall off me now.  My pre-pregnancy jeans still don’t fit, despite many sessions of trying to shoehorn myself into them.  I can’t even get them on quite enough to just use my Bella band to keep them together even though they’re not done up.  It sucks.
I know that to some people, wearing jogging pants everyday would be a dream, and at first it definitely seemed awesome to me.  Lounging around all winter in jogging pants and Jagger’s old T-shirts sounded heavenly.  Unfortunately, the novelty has really worn off.
What’s getting to me is the complete lack of choices.  I have 3 pairs of jogging pants that I rotate through and a variety of T-shirts for around the house and about 5 shirts that are decent enough to be worn out in public.  Yeah, it’s getting a little old.
I know I’ll be able to wear my jeans again, even if they never quite fit the same way, but for right now it seems like it’s ages away.  Sure, I could cave and buy some fat jeans to get me through right now, but to me that would be like admitting that I’m the size I actually am, and I’m worried about getting comfortable at this size.  I’m definitely not comfortable.
My sister just gave me some jeans that she’s outgrown (she’s lost her baby weight and then some – I hope I’ll be in the same boat!) and they actually fit me, but they’re too short, and it’s definitely not warm enough yet to roll them up and get away with calling them capris.
Sigh.  This sucks.
Here’s me in my favourite jeans…I miss them.

See?  They’re so awesome that I climbed a mountain in them.  Well, okay, I didn’t climb it, but I rode a train up the mountain in them!

I know I should stop being so hard on myself and just give myself time to lose the weight, but I’m finding it’s a real struggle.  I’m just too impatient.

Okay, I got that out of my system.  Hopefully I’ll have a pair of jeans to wear soon.  Until then, I’m the mayor of jogging pants town.


3 thoughts on “Warning – Pity Party ahead.

  1. Have you tried the “Comfort” fit jeans and pants from Reitmans? They are what I wore when I was pregnant with Isaac, and they were super comfy and stretchy. No front pockets though… 🙂


  2. Yes, you are being too hard on yourself! It took 9 months to outgrow those jeans, give yourself 9 months to get back in them! Seems like forever, I know, but you'll get there.


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