Vivian Vendredi – She Zigs When I Expect Her To Zag

If there’s one thing that Vivian has taught me in our 10 weeks together it’s that she is a different baby every week.

Last week, she was a baby who was sleeping well at night and enjoyed napping during the day.  This week, she’s a baby who is still sleeping pretty well during the day, but is back to preferring to be held while she does nap.  At night, she’s now a baby who wakes up every two hours for me to give her back her soother.

It’s been great.  Sigh.

Of course, she could be a completely different baby again next week.  I’m crossing my fingers for sleeping through the night baby.

We’ve been really busy this week – lots of walks, classes at the Early Years Center and visiting.  Today we’re on our way out the door to visit Jagger at work, stopping in at my work, chiropractor’s appointment and visiting a friend.  Tomorrow is also full of visiting since it’s my sister’s birthday.  Vivian loves her Aunt Courtney so of course we’ll be stopping by to visit.

Wish me lots of sleep!


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