Glue Movies and Sick Day Movies

Have you ever heard of a glue movie?  I first heard the term on the blog 1000 Awesome Things (which is a much better blog than this one, you should be reading it.)  They described “glue movies” as those movies that you watch every time they’re on TV, no matter what’s going on.  I definitely have glue movies.

My glue movies would have to be…


I love this movie, and something about it is just perfect for lounging on the couch for three hours when you should be doing something far more important.  Plus, I’m blown away every single time I watch it by how much the kid version of Ray Liotta at the beginning of the movie looks like Ray Liotta.  Insane.
A League of Their Own

Does anyone not love this movie?  I love it so, so much.  I love it even more because it was almost filmed in London, Ontario.
The Fifth Element

I don’t really know what it is about this movie, but it’s awesome.  Bruce Willis is great and who doesn’t love Milla?

For me, glue movies go hand in hand with sick day movies.  Those movies you pull out when you just want to doze your way through an illness/hangover on the couch.

My favourite sick day movies are…


I love, love this movie.  And I love it even more every time I watch it.  It’s one of those movies that not a lot of people seem to have watched, but you should.  It’s fantastic.

Almost Famous

Quite possibly the perfect movie for couch surfing.  It’s funny and sad and has awesome music.

Big Fish


Oh, Big Fish.  You get me every time.  I love Ewan MacGregor (as should everyone) and he is awesome in this movie.  If you love Tim Burton (as should everyone) and you haven’t seen this movie, you need to do it immediately.  Don’t be surprised if you cry at the end.

What about you?  Did you spend any time vegging out on the couch over the holidays with your favourites?


3 thoughts on “Glue Movies and Sick Day Movies

  1. This used to be my playground, this used to be my childhood dream! Ohh the memories. We use to watch that movie a lot!!! Didn't even know who madonna was back then hahaha.

    Great movies!!

    Pleasantville is a classic! One of the first movies I bought! 😀


  2. I was obsessed with A League of Their Own when I was 9, 10? I played softball and was the catcher so this movie was riveting for me.

    This is a fun post! I always stop to watch Total Recall, Raging Bull (I shouldn't but I *do* love Jake Lamotta) and Misery (Kathy Bates is the Goddess of Awesome).

    Sick day movies for me are: The Notebook (The shame! I'm sick – it's the NyQuil watching, not me!) and any of the three real Indiana Jones movies. Man, I love me some “Indy!”.


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