Snow Days

So most of Southwestern Ontario has been hammered with crazy amounts of snow.  London is on the verge of declaring a state of emergency.  Strathroy usually takes the brunt of these storms, but here’s what we’ve been looking at…

We got some snow, sure.  It’s just nothing compared to the 100+ centimeter snowfall that some areas have seen.  Jagger’s had to get out and shovel just twice since Sunday.  We’ve parked my car in the garage so we wouldn’t have to clean it off in the event we need to get to the hospital.

I’m very grateful that we were both off this week anyway, expecting the baby to be here.  I would be so worried if Jagger was trying to get to work in this!  We’re also very lucky that the hospital is just down the road from our place, so we shouldn’t have any problems getting there when we need to.

Actually, we were there yesterday, and almost got induced!  But, because of the weather everywhere else, they were short staffed on OB nurses and sent us home.  We may be able to be induced this afternoon if they have the staff, but I’m not holding my breath.

I am pretty done though.  I’m 10 days over and I’m not sleeping very well.  I’m tired of wondering about every ache and pain and am ready to just get things going.  Who knows, maybe I’ll go on my own today and the nurses will just have to deal with me!

If you’re stuck in the snow, I hope you have good books and good hot chocolate to keep you company!  Hopefully this is the one big storm we get this year, and not a sign of things to come!


2 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. I saw your comment on MODG. I just read an article yesterday, while visiting my OB, about a woman who went into labor after a foot massage. There is a pressure point on the foot that can start contractions. I found a lot of info about it online.


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