Dust Jackets

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with dust jackets.  I realize this is a weird sentence.

I think it’s because I’ve been reading a lot of hardcover books lately, and maybe it’s just my nesting instinct right now, but dust jackets are driving me crazy. 

They rip, they tear, they slide around while you read.  Their only saving grace is that they provide you with a built-in bookmark.

On average, I’m more of a trade paperback kind of gal myself, but sometimes you get stuck with the hardcover.  I don’t know if I’m ready to be that person who gets rid of dust jackets and leaves the books on the shelf all naked-like (although I love the clean look of it).  I feel like that would be too permanent of an option for me, and I would want to remove the dust jackets, but keep them all filed away somewhere just in case one day down the road I realize I have some rare first edition of something that is worth far more with the dust jacket intact.

We’ve also accumulated a lot of used library books over the last few years from our annual attendance at the Friends of the London Public Library Book Sale.  It’s my favourite thing – it seems to always be the weekend before my birthday, so I have licence to scoop up as many books as I can manage.  It’s a great way to stock up on books, but then they are usually hardcover and have that plastic cover from being a library book.  So do I take them all off, which would require cutting it off of the cover (since they’re taped down from being library books).  Do they lose some of their charm that way, or is it more practical because right now my book collection looks like a good chunk of it is racking up late fees by the minute.

Colourful and unique…

…or uniform and neat?

Where do you stand on dust jackets?  Are they part of the book and should be appreciated, or are they a messy waste of time and should be tossed immediately?


4 thoughts on “Dust Jackets

  1. definetly lose the library jackets. Libraries don't get rid of books that will ever be worth anything, and that annoying sticker they put on the spine of everything apparently make the value of the book plummet (that what Sylvan Bob says, and he has a used book store)



  2. If you want a used book store to buy you books they want the jackets – I have taken most of mine off the book but keep the jackets packed away just in case. I learned this lesson the hard way. And just so you know, public libraries do not keep everything, in fact we weed an amazing amount of material out of the library and if the book has not circed in a year, regardless of how popular it may have been at one time, we get rid of it. Our Central library keeps one last copy. And we don't know what will atually be important or worth anything in the future. Just so you know….. Aunt Jeri And why are you worrying about this at a time like this!? Get folding those baby clothes:)


  3. Oh my god, i am the same frigging way hahahahaa. i love my hardcover books and i always read them WITHOUT the jacket. when i am done, i slip it back on.

    And i just bought Under the Dome last week can't wait to start reading it. Storm of the Century brings back memories of watching the three-parter at home. Soo good!


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