Baby’s Room

I think I’m at about the point where the baby’s room is as good as it’s going to get.  I’m not big on things being “done” because things always change.  But, all in all I think the room is pretty well ready to go.
Here’s where we started when we first moved in, just to refresh your memory a little.

And here’s where I started the other day when I set about putting the room back together.

It had been in better shape at one point, but repainting the desk meant taking everything out of the dresser and throwing it on the bed, and cleaning up the office meant throwing things in here that I thought I would use.

And here’s what I ended up with after…

I’ve decided I like having that little chair in the corner as a place to throw things, etc.

The Cinderella plates I had hanging in my room when I was a kid have found a new home!

This frame was Jagger’s when he was a kid – well, the glass was at least.  I put it in a new frame since the old one was kind of sad looking.  Can’t wait to add our kid’s picture to it!

And there you go – the room in all it’s colourful glory!  The walls don’t like quite as grey as they actually are, but it was pretty poor lighting out when I took this picture.

One of the posters in the room – Super Mario Bros World 1-1.  This was a freebie from Nintendo Power magazine and I got the frame on sale at Michaels for like $9.

The superhero prints I got at Fan Expo back in September.  I got the prints for $10 for all three and the frames are literally the cheapest ones I could find – $3 each at Walmart.

The freshly painted dresser complete with action figures and my Medusa lamp. 

Every baby’s bedroom needs a little George Perez!  Jagger got this at LA Mood for like $3 I think, and the frame was like $17 – I make good use of my Michaels coupons!

This empty little corner is where the crib will go once it gets here.  We have one on order, and I’m really excited about it.  Should be here sometime this week, then it’s just a matter of getting it put together (and hoping it fits!)

Here’s the crib we ordered in case you were curious though.

I thought I wanted a white crib, but because this is one of those cribs that turns into a double bed later on, we thought the white would be a little limiting and might not suit an older kid/teenager’s room quite so well, so we went with this one.
I don’t want anything hanging on the wall above it because of my laziness in finding studs, but I would still like to get these wall clings to go over the crib there.

These mirrors were a wedding gift, but I never could find a good place to hang them.  I finally decided they would be nice in the baby’s room to help bounce some light around and give the kid something to look at.

My grandma got us this switchplate cover for the baby’s room, and I knew right away that it would drive Jagger crazy.  I don’t know why Noah’s Ark became such a big thing for baby’s rooms – I don’t know if a story about God flooding the Earth and killing everyone but one family and enough animals so He wouldn’t have to start all over again is the best story for a kid, but what do I know.  It’s up there for Grandma, even though I find it really hard to find the light switch now.

I know this little table will have to move out once the kid starts moving around since it’s just a glass table top on boxes, but I love the way it looks with the little blocks and books!  It also might have to be rearranged once we have to fit the crib in there as well, we’ll see how it goes!

So there you go, the kid’s room has come a long, long way and we did it without spending much money.  Most things in there were things we already had around that just needed a coat of paint or a little re-tooling to make them work in the kid’s room.  Hope you like it!

3 thoughts on “Baby’s Room

  1. I love the eclectic feel and that you didn't go get a typical, matchy-matchy 'baby room set'.

    I want to curl up in that bed with a book.

    I love the mirrors and the framed prints, especially the 'member of the super heroes' frame. So cute that you have that and the plates from your own bedrooms growing up.


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