Truck Needed

The one thing that no one told us about homeownership was that you need a truck.

Not that you should have a truck, or know someone with a truck, but that you need a truck.

I can’t count how many times we’ve needed a truck since we’ve moved to the house in March.  We’ve needed it when we’ve bought the wardrobe, when we bought a ladder, when our fence was broken and we needed new posts, and now when we have 20 plus bags of leaves in the garage.

Our garage in its current state.  And to think I used to love the fall.

We’ve managed to get by okay with my car, because it’s a hatchback.  Don’t let that little Ford Focus deceive you – it can fit a shocking amount of stuff.  But, now that the carseat has moved in to my car for the foreseeable future, my ability to fold down the backseats and jam the car full of stuff is greatly affected.

I don’t know how anyone manages to get anything accomplished around a house without a truck.  I know that Young House Love has talked about how they manage to get so many DIY projects accomplished when they only have one car, but they do a lot of things that I can’t do.

The plan is to upgrade my vehicle when I go back to work.  Right now, I’m eyeing up a Ford Escape…

Even though what I would really like to get is the Ford Edge…

They’re pretty similar, but the Edge is a bit slicker.  It’s also more expensive, which is why I think the Escape will be more my speed.

It’s still not a truck, but at least it will give us some more room for those projects around the house and trips to IKEA – not to mention all the curbside shopping I will be able to engage in!  There’s nothing worse than seeing something awesome and free chucked out to the curb and not being able to pick it up because I drive a stupid small car.


6 thoughts on “Truck Needed

  1. i'm sad because we had a truck for our first 3 years of home ownership. My sister's F-150. Man, it was awesome for carting off leaves and buying hardware and junk.
    But then it got totalled last winter, so now she has a Jeep Liberty. It's just not the same


  2. I can't get over how often we need a truck. It's crazy! They should come with the house. Houses should also come with a dumpster. My mom had a dumpster at her house once when we were getting the roof re-done, and then we decided to keep it for just one more load, one more load, one more load…I think we had it around for like 4 months – it was awesome! We got rid of sooo much stuff because you could just chuck it right in!


  3. Every driveway in Timmins has a truck. Some have sick decals and sweet airbrushing of wolves howling at the moon. The people who moved into the house where I grew up paved the lawn so they could park a SECOND truck.

    Also, I'm a little upset Jagger made you rake all those leaves in your condition.


  4. My new goal is to own a truck with a howling wolf somewhere on it.

    Don't worry – I actually didn't do that much raking, I was in charge of holding the bags while Jagger filled them with leaves – it was good to get the exercise though!


  5. First you get a mini-van. Then you start going to church every week. Then you start thinking “You know, that Stephen Harper's got some good ideas.” Then you start looking for property at a gated community in Florida.

    That's how it happens. I'm just sayin'.


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