Change of a dresser

Things are slowly but surely coming together in the kid’s room.  We’re still not overly anxious about getting it “done”.  I figure it’s going to be a work in progress for quite some time, and just as long as we have a place for everything and somewhere for the kid to sleep, we’re golden.

We haven’t gotten a crib yet because we figure the kid won’t be sleeping in it for awhile anyway (we have a basinette that I’ll keep beside me for the first couple of months at least).

I did manage to snag this great duvet cover for the kid’s room though – marked down to $15 at Winners no less!

I love the green with the gray walls, it’s so cheery and easy-going.  We just slipped it over an old comforter and it’s ready to go!

Now I’m trying to decide what colour to paint my old dresser here.  You might remember it…

This is what it looks like these days, covered in baby items after the shower on the weekend…

It’s super old and has been painted a million times.  I myself have painted it three or four times already.  I moved it into the baby’s room so we would have some extra storage space, and it gives us a nice spot for a lamp and stuff.

My question now is what colour to paint it?  The easy solution would be to just paint it white like the rest of the furniture.  But I think it would be more fun to paint it a bright colour.  At first, I was leaning towards yellow, but now I’m thinking purple.  I could also paint it one of the colours from my table of boxes…

But it won’t be staying in the baby’s room forever, at least not as a table.  Something tells me that a piece of glass on top of leather boxes is not exactly a baby-friendly piece of furniture.

Jagger thinks the orange would be fun, but I’m a little scared of orange after requiring 5 coats to paint our bathroom in the apartment.  I’m leaning towards the tealy blue box on the bottom if not purple.

My other thought it that I could paint it white for now and then pait it something more gender-specific after we have the kid and know what we’re dealing with.

There’s still work to be done in there – I want to line the drawers before I put the baby clothes and stuff away, and I still have to hang pictures and whatnot…I’ll post more pictures when I get it all done.

What do you think?  What colour should I go with?  Something bright and bold?  Or paint it white to match the desk already in there?


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