At 35 weeks – The good, the bad and the ugly

Well, here we are at a big milestone – 35 weeks down with 35 days to go.  It’s hard to believe that I’m already at that point, but here’s an update on all things belly related.

The Good

  • I am still feeling really good.  I really can’t complain.  I’m definitely not one of those “Oh I’ve never felt better in my life!  I love being pregnant!” kind of people, but I still feel good.
  • I’m still sleeping remarkably well.  Sure, I have a rough night like anyone, but for the most part, I don’t have to get up in the night and if I do, it’s only once.
  • It’s getting close to the end and everything is looking good as far as what the doctors are telling me – not much longer now.
  • Being pregnant apparently gives you a licence to look like shit at any and all times.  Because of this, if I put in the slightest effort (say, I finish blow drying my hair) it’s compliments galore!  Hooray for me for looking like a human being and not looking like I just rolled out of bed.
  • I’m starting to embrace nap time.  I’ve never been much of a napper, but lately odds are pretty good that I’ll be snoring away on the couch from about 5:30-6:30.
  • Some people say that pregnancy makes your hair grow like crazy, but I’ve had the opposite.  I’ve been finding my hair is growing more slowly – especially my eyebrows and leg hair.  Is that an overshare?  It’s been a nice bonus.

The Bad

  • I miss my old self.  I miss feeling like myself.  I miss my old clothes.  I miss my old body.  I know things will never be quite the same again, but I miss me and can’t wait to be back in a version of me that is somewhat similar to the old version.
  • It’s getting harder to get around.  I’m lucky that my belly isn’t very far out so I don’t have a hard time sitting at a desk or in the car or anything, but it’s still hard to move around and pick things up and whatnot.
  • I’ve put on more weight than is recommended, and no one can seem to tell.  I’m not shy about how much weight I’ve gained (so far I’m at about 50 lbs).  It’s just a number, and I can handle it.  It’s frustrating when people say that it doesn’t look like I’ve gained much weight though, when I have.  I’m just one of those “pregnant all over” people.
  • I miss beer.  There, I said it.  I was never a beer drinker until about 2 years ago when I started to slowly develop a taste for it, and now there’s nothing I miss more.  I can’t wait to be able to have an actual beer instead of just smelling Jagger’s beer when he has one.

The Ugly

  • I finally got stretch marks.  I was doing so well, then they crept up on me.  I can’t complain though, they’re the super fine ones and they’re low on my belly.  Worst case scenario – they will be covered by bikini bottoms, but they’re most likely going to fade quickly.
  • I’m a really bad snorer now.  Poor Jagger has to put up with me sawing away every night.  Oh well.
  • Veins!  I’ve always been a veiny person, but this has gotten ridiculous.  

I shouldn’t complain, things have been pretty easy so far.  We’ll see how it goes for the rest of the ride here.


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